In search of a meaningful relationship? Why not start with your clothes!

Contemplate your experience with clothing: have you ever fallen in love at first sight with a dress? Ever grieved over a pair of ruined shoes? Well, it all comes down to the fact that our relationship with clothes is inherently emotional.

Over the past years, clothing production and consumption have sky-rocketed, yet the length consumers are keeping their items has plummeted. With research revealing three out of five garments end up in a landfill within a year of purchase, it is clear that we can fall in love with an item as quickly as we can fall out of love with another. Therefore, creating a strong attachment to our clothes is crucial to combat wasteful consumption habits.

Developing an emotional bond is an opportunity to increase the number of wears and the piece’s longevity, extending your purchase’s sustainable nature. We are more likely to take greater care of the purchases we are attached to and have less of a drive to dispose of them.

But, how exactly do you create a strong attachment?

Well, aesthetic attributes, memories and expressions of self are some of the fundamental characteristics that allow consumers to construct an attachment to clothes.

1. Aesthetic Attributes

It may seem obvious, but we feel attached to clothes because of their aesthetic beauty. If we feel good-looking due to a piece of clothing in a social situation, we will form an attachment over time. So make sure your clothes highlight your beauty.

2. Memory Association

Meaningful clothing items often act as a reminder of a past experience and evoke happy memories resulting in more engagement. Tip: wear the item to a special occasion, when meeting someone important for the first time or when you’re feeling your best.

3. Self Expression

A favourite purchase will likely symbolise parts of our identity that we want to connect with. Therefore, consider whether the item truly expresses unique aspects of your personality that you can communicate.

By adopting the mindset that our purchases are a long-term investment, we can reduce the speed at which we change our feelings towards our clothes. Could forming strong attachments to our clothes be the answer to a more sustainable future?

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Written by Maisie Allum

Edited by Eva Pastora

Model: @vioxlette

Styling and Photography: @honeybunmary