Samuday Studios' Transparency Report



At Samudāy Studios we understand the importance of minimising our environmental impact and are committed to giving back to communities. We manage our footprint by creating small collections of high-quality Knitwear with longevity, acting against fast fashion. 



  • Commitment to sourcing ethical materials​​

Creating with the environment in mind, we prioritise the use of biodegradable materials with natural fibres. We also craft with deadstock yarns to reduce waste and effectively minimise our impact. 


  • Small Scale Production 

In response to harmful fast fashion, we do not produce surplus items as we only create what is in demand using our request forms.

This is to ensure that we are not buying excess raw materials (leading to waste) and adding to the over-production problems in the industry. Our primary production is in both the United Kingdom and Turkey. Production in Turkey enables us to coordinate our production runs in line with our community workshops and interventions, in collaboration with Aceso Global Health Consultants.


Operating on a small scale and managing our simple supply chains on a personal level allows us to be within close proximity to our products. We have chosen our factories based on the safeguarding in place and evidence of fairtrade to ensure we sustain our vision of an ethical working environment. 


Our factory in Turkey has had an organic production certificate (GOTS) since 2011 and complies with the world's most reliable social auditing standards (BSCI-Astra). The company has adopted the principle of providing quality services with respect, honesty, business ethics and establishing reliable and strong relationships with their customers in all areas of their activity.


Our micro Knitwear Design studio in Scotland consists of a handful of manufacturers who ethically produce our items in small quantities.


Being a CIC (Community Interest Company), we pledge to re-invest 70% of our profits back into community interventions in both low and high-income communities across the globe, in collaboration with Aceso Global Health Consultants. 


Our designs are mostly inspired by children’s drawings from our collaboration with the Aceso Creative Arts Programme. Our aim is to let children’s creativity flourish in an engaging environment as well as provide support for their communities.